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headteacher Michael Williams reaches the end of his tether with daughter Natasha in next week's episodes when she resorts to desperate measures to win sympathy.

In the aftermath of her saucy photos causing a stir in Erinsborough, Tash decides to spray derogatory graffiti about herself all over Ramsay Street - well aware that Michael will be devastated on her behalf when he spots it.

Summer, played by Jordy Lucas, was caught cheating on one of her exams last year as the pressure to get the right grades for university became too much for her to handle.

In a twist, Summer's headteacher Michael Williams (Sandy Winton) had a sudden health scare as he confronted her over the situation - collapsing at school and being rushed to hospital.

Offered through the Department of American Studies, this seminar/salon will be a hybrid of closed classroom discussions and open reading‐group meetings.

She is currently working on a book tentatively titled , which mobilizes queer theories of affect to pursue unlikely connections between critical transnational studies and US ethnic studies.

She also writes about the politics of Arizona, and in 2010, she and co‐author Miranda Joseph received the NEA Excellence in the Academy Award in Democracy in Higher Education for their essay “Neoliberalism and the Battle over Ethnic Studies in Arizona.” At the University of Arizona, she is an affiliate of English, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the Mexican American Studies and Research Center.

Soto will be teaching two courses as a Winton Chair in residence.

This spring she is teaching Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary Society, an interdisciplinary upper‐division undergraduate course that she runs seminar style in order to give the students a graduate‐school experience.

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