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Does it guarantee a minimum number of introductions and what happens if they fail, you could have just two introductions a year and your membership extended for ever!

Some agencies will charge you over £1,000 if you change your mind the next day, and some make all members sign a legal declaration forbidding them to make negative comments to anyone even to your sister! There are good agencies and unfortunately some rather dubious agencies.

£595 (8.5 hours inclusive of working lunch and coffee breaks).

Share with a friend If you want to share this experience with A friend then add just 50% of the above fees and the course may need to be extended by one hour.

For ladies and men aged over forty you may attend social events (usually two Drinks and dinner parties a week in London).

for details see With 30 years experience in the trade and by listening to the complaints we have received from members of the public, we know the good and bad introduction agencies in the UK. Our best advice is to call at least two or three dating agencies and ask them probing questions like "if I only get a few poor quality introductions what happens", If they say they will extendi your membership, that means you could get just one or two dates A YEAR for many thousands of pounds.

See how close other introduction agencies can meet these guarantees).

Specialist Professional Introduction Agencies you may consider joining are ( this is a list not an endorsement as some we would definitely avoid): Agency name / date estb.

/ typical cost of membership ABIA PROTECTED AGENCIES BEST DATING TIPS.

ALWAYS contact at least two agencies before making a decision to join one.

Ask for copy a of a contract BEFORE attending an interview and read it.

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