School akedi ayya mage

refer to Thirunamam (the "flame shaped symbol" present in the top of the Lotus in the Ayyavazhi symbol), but not to the lotus directly.

The symbol is the ideological summary of Akilam-based philosophy.

This is why individual souls are not able to attain supreme bliss, and so are secondary to Ekam.

The teachings encourage a positive relationship with God, as opposed to one based on fear.Followers are encouraged to refer to God as Ayya, "dear father", to strengthen their intimacy and affection towards God.Among its variations, the theology always maintains this focus on oneness.Ayyavazhi is centered on the life and preachings of Ayya Vaikundar; its ideas and philosophy are based on the holy texts Akilathirattu Ammanai and Arul Nool.Accordingly, Vaikundar was the Purna avatar of Narayana.

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