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Together they drove into the park, heading down a rutted dirt lane that snaked through the brush, until they came to a lonely fork in the road at the edge of the woods.A crowd of deputies from the sheriff’s and constable’s offices stood around talking; several reporters milled about as well.Thinking that it was a prank—a mannequin, perhaps—or that maybe they’d come across a sleeping drunk, they’d stopped to investigate.But their curiosity had quickly turned to horror: a young man, in jeans and an orange shirt, lay gagged, his hands bound behind him.He hadn’t really intended to become a cop, but once on the force, he found the work to be a calling, and over his seventeen-year career he’d covered every inch of Waco, leading both the narcotics and tactical squads.“I’m just an old country boy,” he would say, but behind his self-deprecating manner were a sharp intellect and an insatiable drive for justice.Though he wasn’t a regular churchgoer, Simons felt God’s hand in his work, and he often quoted from the Book of Matthew: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” Simons turned his patrol car around and headed for Texas Highway 6 and the Twin Bridges that spanned Lake Waco.

For all of Waco’s small-town feel, Simons—himself the father of a young boy—recognized that these were big-city problems. He had grown up in Rosenthal, a tiny town just south of the city, and joined the WPD in 1965, a few years after dropping out of high school.

very murder involves a vast web of people, from the witnesses and the detectives who first come to the scene, to the lawyers and the juries who examine the facts, to the families of the victims, who must make sense of the aftermath.

The more traumatic the killing, the more intricate the web.

His shirt was stained with blood, his chest full of stab wounds.

The sergeant got on his hands and knees and crawled under the branches.

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It was around six-thirty on a summer evening in 1982, and the 39-year-old officer had just returned to his squad car after visiting his wife, Judy. to one a.m., didn’t allow the couple to see much of each other, so he’d stop by her office when he could, then head back out on patrol.

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