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Zudem erfahren Sie Wissenswertes zu Themen wie Unterhaltung, Gesundheit, Sport, Kino, Musik oder Lifestyle.Sie finden Produkt-Informationen und Angebote rund um DSL, Internet, Flatrate, mobile Apps für i Phone und Android Smartphone oder entdecken hilfreiche Browser Updates, Ihren persönlichen Mail-Check und vieles mehr.If we observe further, we also find that many publications offered for practitioners and health professionals make many of the same recommendations. I suggest that "Aromatherapy" still needs to go beyond being just a "good feeling", fad therapy.As with the standards that have developed relative to the training and practice of medical herbalism, Aromatherapy demands a level of practitioner training that is comprehensive in it's scope and knowledgeable in all the effects of essential oils - both positive and potentially negative.

If we inspect such books, we also find that these publications, easily accessible to the public, are often used as "textbooks" in Aromatherapy practitioner training.

What can be noted in many publications are statements that are based on the attitude that if an author does not know about the realities of the possible negative effects of an essential oil, then, if any possible negative effect might be noted, the invariable recommendation is to avoid the use of that essential oil or to use extremely low dosages.

To err on the side on caution may be considered laudable.

Practitioner training, even up to the present day, has tended to concentrate more on massage and other application methods, than on an in-depth understanding of essential oils from both the chemical/pharmacological viewpoint and their full history of use in traditional medicine. Maury also stated her own preference to avoid the more "medical" applications of essential oils, including internal use.

Such applications, she felt, were best left to medical practitioners. Maury, the growth of "Holistic" Aromatherapy continued primarily in England by those influenced by her, such as Marceline Arcier and Daniele Ryman.

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