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As Hamm points out, some 50 million Americans now live in states with marriage equality, so the wedding market is booming. One year after New York legalized gay marriage, New York City alone reported 9 million in economic impact, which translated to an extra million for the city.A 2009 study in Maine, where same-sex marriage was legalized at the tail end of 2012, predicted million in new wedding-related economic activity. Here are more great engagement and wedding shots from the book.For an alternate prop, they write, try an umbrella.Hamm and Dodds also delve into the professional nuances of working with two brides or two grooms—insert "groomsmaid dress" joke here—which can call for distinctive setups and tactics.

Also, avoid going to bathroom during this course and let that sperm flow easily. Get a pre-pregnancy checkup Our bodies are unique and some of us might have birth defects like spina bifida. Get a check up done before you start trying for pregnancy and ask your doctor for prenatal vitamins containing folic acids.There are a few things to keep in mind, however, so we hope this list will help make your travels in Sri Lanka safe and fun.Even for a woman who is well travelled, the constant (and unwarranted) attention you receive from the opposite sex can be tough to handle.We are happy to hear her thoughts on useful tips for women travellers to the island, and welcome her insight as a foreign traveller.All women know that there are certain precautions to be taken when travelling to new countries, especially when traveling solo.

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If considerably obese, one must try to shed some weight as it will ameliorate the prospects of conceiving.

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  1. We had to adjust to the ways of a new culture, to the hot and humid August weather, hearing the call of prayer five times a day…