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Both of them think its " funny" until Miss shouts at them to STAND UP & TAKE DOWN THERE KNICKERS A Severe thrashing is then given to each girl, who are not laughing any more as Miss Simpson turns both bottoms bright red! Anita is caught wearing nail varnish to school & is dealt with by angry Miss Simpson.

Anita is reluctant to go over the knee for a very good reason. A highly embarrassing thrashing is then given to Anita.

Half way into their dirty spanking session Miss Simpson catches them and decides to give them a dose of the strap.

Miss Simpson walks into the living room to find Masie and Kayla making out and touching each other after their initial fight. Each lady is brought over Miss Simpson's knee and given a bare bottom spanking by hand and slipper.

She then explains we start as we mean to go on & tells her to bare her bottom.

Then she is given the the first of many thrashings that awaits her!

I never thought for 1 moment that soon it would be with the red swelling buttocks!

Wendy was given an assignment to learn a series of quotations. She is given the test and for each wrong answer a spanking is administered.

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I was involved in reading about the historical punishments from times gone by that I did not hear the door go.

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