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Courses taught include: Introduction to the American Political System; Seminar Courts and Policymaking; Appellate Advocacy: Moot Court; The Supreme Court and Judicial Politics; American Political Thought; Introduction to Political Philosophy; Ethics, Justice, and Public Policy; Philosophy of Law; Women and Politics; and Sexuality, Law and Politics.PUBLICATIONS/RESEARCH Books: , Gordon Babst, Emily Gill and Jason Pierceson, eds. Articles and Book Chapters: “From Kameny to Kennedy: The Road to the Positive Rights Protection of Marriage Equality in , Gordon Babst, Emily Gill and Jason Pierceson, eds. Current Research: “Examining Attitudes Toward the ‘T’ in LGBT: Public Support for Transgender Rights and Supportive Policies,” with Ashley Kirzinger.The ceiling was donated by the Velcro company (made out of Velcro) and the floor was donated by American Superball.Professor Frink works as a demonstrator for a computer themed exhibit, which burns after Bart tampers with it (the hard drive crashed).Inspired by a scene in the film, Caminer and Lentz-Janney pitched Springfield on attending the IFC screening to silently lead the audience in a game of Ricktionary, a version of Pictionary favored by fans on the annual Rick Springfield Cruise.

He added, “I liken it to parents trotting out their prettiest child and having aunts and uncles ooh and ah over the prettiest kid or most successful kid. He credits her as the subject of his hit songs “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and “I Get Excited.” Though many celebrity couples have split and cracked under the pressure of a fast-paced life that’s often examined with intense public scrutiny, Springfield and his wife have raised two sons, Liam and Joshua, and have managed to keep it together for over three decades.They were depending on his star power to garner attention for their feature, which has been lauded by Hot Docs and film fests from Florida to Nashville.When Caminer started on the project in 2009, she was not fully aware of Springfield's still-sizable fanbase; Lentz-Janney, however, is a self-described "recovering Rick-aholic." In fact, she got the ,000 seed money for from a high school teacher who'd witnessed Lentz-Janney's burgeoning obsession after her first Springfield show at age 15.She’s absolutely the best human being I’ve ever met in my life.” “Let Me In” is incredibly sweet and romantic was released on Feb.19 and Springfield dubs it the most positive record in his 18-record discography.

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Professor of Political Science Email: [email protected]: (217) 206-7842 Office: PAC 360 Professor Pierceson holds a B. His commentary and writing has appeared in such media outlets as Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota Public Radio, Reuters, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, in addition to various Springfield-area media outlets.

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