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The point is that the available data is too little to make any meaningful conclusion.Furthermore, it’s hard to think of any direct or indirect relationship between the count of searches for sex with the total count of all searches. The only use of this piece of statistic is that it would help website admins with Search Engine Optimisation.May be Lankan media should talk less about “Parliament Jokes” and giving sensationally stupid headlines like “Sri Lanka Tops Sex Search”; instead talk more about “World Affairs”, “Scientific Discoveries”, “Technology” and “Social issues”.Not many will doubt that one of the most sought after keyword on Internet is “sex”.If you click on Sri Lanka, you see the provincial distribution.

We must also remember that we have no way of verifying this data coming from Google.

Whether you believe in creation or evolution, you exist thanks to reproduction. Every year a bunch of people eagerly wait to see which country searched highest, the term “sex” on Google Search during that year.

They reach climax when they see Sri Lanka on top of the list.

Does that mean India is the only country that is searching videos for “child sex”?

And are the searchers all paedophiles; or people hunting the paedophiles? It’s ridiculous to define a nation and its people based on these grossly misleading data.

Search for sri lanka sex:

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A plausible explanation to this observation could be that Lankans are not searching for other popular global search terms.

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