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Calinak, for his part, is still carrying his ax and looking to find love. The lives and loves of three close friends - Pete, a neurotic architecture student, Berg, the laid-back pre-med, and Sharon, a tough girl with a soft center. Topics have included a riff on slang words that Lorre wants to coin, the reason a certain scene containing the line of dialog that was used as the episode's title was edited out, and a screenplay about Lorre's assistant entering his office and finding him curled up in the fetal position. Charlie Sheen has a reputation for being a wild child, John Cryer plays the perfect neurotic boob, and the writers play perfectly into the juxtaposition of the two.Toss in a juvenile (Angus Jones, aka Jake) and the scenes become flat hilarious, as the adults attempt to deal with often raunchy mature topics, while keeping the kid in the dark. If you’re a contestant who has survived into what your producers refer to as “Week 4,” you likely have no idea how much time has passed back on Earth once you entered the temporal wormhole that is the threshold to the Bachelor Mansion. You will learn to love your enfeebled parents, you will find comfort in the fact that breadsticks are indeed endless. Whether or not you’ve made it through just a dozen or so real days or four Bachelor Weeks, you could feel a real sense of accomplishment at having made it this far into the competition, and put all thoughts of the outside world and the relentless march of time out of your mind. That’s right: the virgin ninja, the one he never saw coming. A Prince Farming needs a promotionally appropriate Cinderella. Wear the gowns and the glass slippers and waltz in ecstatic gratitude beneath a giant screen showing your very favorite clip of the live-action masterpiece that will soon delight a new generation of dreamers. Take a moment before those chimes ring out to realize how lucky you are to be shod in crystal Louboutins and serenaded by a private orchestra, not a sulking princess imprisoned back at the castle with your wicked stepsisters, grimly gnawing away at a cob of corn. Your fairy tale is coming true right before your eyes, unlike Princess Sadcorn’s. So when you find yourself enjoying a private dinner on a balcony overlooking one of our country’s most beautiful cities, physically exhausted but emotionally energized by a busy day of running a muddy obstacle course in a wedding dress, it makes sense to use that rare opportunity to fill in some of your backstory. You cannot, under any circumstances, question his participation in this ritual. Your Bachelor will not welcome your concern, even if it’s couched in a desire to keep a promising connection strong. He will quickly extricate himself from the conversation, storm off to the main harem chamber, and gather his entire flock for a heart-to-heart about the purity of his intentions.

According to him, he killed his first wife because she “irritated” him and he’d grown jealous, and then killed a second lover, who tried to kill him after she refused to divorce her husband: “She was accidentally killed when I swung the ax.” For some reason, the host seemed shocked and kicked him off the show, to a round of applause.This show has some of the best creative writing I've seen in years.No clichéd 'dumbed-down for the masses' or hackneyed pratfalls here, all are setup and timed with perfect execution by the players."And it feels like real life."After filming for about six weeks couples that formed were faced with the decision of whether or not to continue their romance stateside.Again, women were placed in the driver's seat as hopeful men waited by a helicopter to see if their partners would join them.

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feel very lifelike as contestants are encouraged to text each other as they would off camera."What it becomes as you watch the series is the glue between the women who are still at the bungalows, who are waiting for more men.

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