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Sri Tyagaraja was born in Thiruvarur, a small town in Tanjavuru District.While he was still a very young boy, his family moved into a house on the Tirumanjana Street, at Thiruvaiyaru (about 50 KMs away) that was gifted by the King of Tanjavuru.During the course of the conversation, Sundaresa Mudaliyar mentioned about a saintly person named Tyagaraja, residing at Thiruvaiyaru, who was composing divine songs and singing them beautifully.He suggested that the Swamin, at some time, could listen to his songs.

According to the travel plans drawn up , finalized and arranged by the Manager Tanjavuru Rama Rao, Sri Tyagaraja and party were to first visit Sri Rangam; then on to Kanchipuram to call on the sage Sri Upanishad Brahmendra honouring his invitation ; and from there to Tirupthi-Tirumala to have the Mentor Sri Upanishad Brahmendra after long-long years. 1780) in Tanjavuru, Sri Upanishad Brahmendra, youth of thirty-three was in the prime of life; and his admirer Tyagaraja a lad of twelve was just on the threshold of life. And, when they met at Kanchipuram (1839) after a lapse of about sixty years, both had grown into ripe old sages glowing with mellow joy; Sri Upanishad Brahmendra was in ripe old age at about 92 and Sri Tyagaraja too was at about 72.Whenever he chooses to take the full pleasure of ignorance, of the dualities, of strife and wrath and tears and weakness and selfishness, ...of the play of the Kali [not Kaali], he dims the knowledge in India and puts her down into weakness and degradation so that she may retire into herself and not interfere with this movement of his Lila.(Thiruvaiyaru where the Ramabrahmam family lived is just 13 Km from Tanjavuru).) , Sri Upanishad Brahmendra mentioned that though he was very desirous of listening to Tyagaraja’s divine music he was unable to visit Thiruvaiyaru as he was in no position to travel long distances because of his ’extreme age’ ( (a formal communication bearing the official seal and insignia of the Mutt) was sent to Sri Thyagaraja through Tanjavuru Rama Rao who was acting as a sort of manager and caretaker of Tyagaraja, after the demise of his (Sri Tyagaraja’s) wife Kamalamba. The invitation from Sri Upanishad Brahmendra threw Sri Thyagaraja into a bit of dilemma.To start with, he was not used to travelling; and, he also did not like any deviations or distractions cutting him away from his daily worships and (the ocean) why do you wander aimlessly, Oh my mind.

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