Updating iphoto 2 0 library

Apple used a somewhat convoluted naming scheme for i Photo and the i Life suites, never quite getting the version numbers in sync.

If you're not sure how to back up your i Photo Library, our Back Up i Photo '11 - How to Back Up Your i Photo Library guide will walk you through the process.

Sharing between libraries; issues A few readers have reported a new inability to copy photos between shared libraries on different Macs after the i Photo 6.0 update.

Mac Fix It reader Mike Simpson writes: "It's not possible to actually copy photos between shared libraries on different computers.

The problem is that a photo-capable reader is required on Windows systems, such as Blog Navigator.

Mac Fix It reader Mark Degg has another tip for photocasting to Windows users: "It is also a good idea to change the photocast in the url of the feed to web i.e. Be sure to have good image descriptions as it shows text links to the images." Garbled images from some cameras Some users are reporting garbled photos when importing from some cameras.

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Re-sizing issues Mac Fix It reader Mark Rougeux notes that Apple has changed the re-sizing mechanism in i Photo 6.0, making it potentially more difficult to scale multiple images on the screen for simultaneous viewing.

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