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I wonder if this spike you speak of is MORE of a Pop/Click in the audio.

It rarely happens, but I've had it happen to me before too.

So, the question is whether I could go ahead and use the FAT32, notwithstanding, or whether I should get the 2GB one. I am expecting that once I can get over this hump I should be able to execute your recommendations. Fat 16 is old and outdated (Floppy Disks and 286 computers). You'll insert the USB Drive "stick" into the TV set according to the directions your manufacturer supplies you with. If you followed the instructions to a T, that's good.

Read the directions carefully , follow them Exactly, or it won't transfer the new software to your TV set. I have since downloaded and transferred onto the USB Drive. The screen only showed haze and after five or six minutes, I removed the Stick and then turned off the TV. If it told you to wait for a specific response from the TV set before removing it, then I'd be concerned that the software didn't load.

Right when the TV gets turned on, not after it's been on and fully booted.

By way of confirmation, the file that I downloaded was 32C100U_003and the files that were contained therein were: STC32TAAB-SAM32STC32TMAB-CM032; and STC32TABB-SAM32Thank you for your cooperation.

That sounds MORE like an issue with HDMI if it rarely fails and turning the TV off/on seems to fix that issue.

If your having issues with the HDMI and you turn the TV off....could be your box delivering the signal too. Turn it back on, and the HDMI handshakes with the Cable /Sat box/DVD and reloads the buffers with new Audio Data Thank you for the update. In fact, whereas the coax cable would be taken to the antenna input at the back of the TV, the cable company has provided a little Dolby Digital box which first receives the incoming coax, then a short piece of coax is taken from the box to the coax input on the TV.

Just to clarify what I have gleaned from your comments: The "spike" to which I refer, is the sudden increase in the sound of whatever was being transmitted at normal level. It's as if I deliberately turned up the volume in an instant. Two nights ago, we viewed for a few hours without incident.

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