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IBM Watson, Big Blue's big gamble on machine learning, is preparing to perform brain surgery.

"Although this is fiction entertainment, it is based on a lot of the very specific realities about AI that I experienced firsthand working on Watson." Modern games like had the same basic idea 40 years ago."This is why I made presents a fully 3D space for you to explore, and actually lets you type responses back and forth as you build a relationship with your virtual companion.The game started out as a student project by Paris-based studio The Ocelot Society, but after winning a series of awards in 2015, the team decided to turn the experience into a full commercial release.The difference now is the improved technology, which allows creators like Becker to design more believable interactions with virtual characters.Becker says that the AI in is very similar to the bots you’ll find on platforms like Facebook Messenger, using "a mix of code and pre-scripted dialogue" to simulate real speech.

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