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The BTS has the added feature of allowing you to choose from 4 different high-frequency response curves.

This is a nice feature, especially if you are using the BTS with passive pickups. Most four knob Schecter basses have a Master Volume knob, Blend knob, Bass knob, and Tone knob. The Master Volume knob is located in the front, towards the pickups.

For Schecter to remain close with our artists, endorsements are limited, and we cannot guarantee a response for all submissions.The Bridge volume is located closest to the pickups. (If you own a model from 2009 or older, the volume controls may be wired opposite this!) The majority of guitar players use their Bridge pickup for both Rhythm and Lead, so we switched to this layout so that players have easier access to the Bridge volume control.Please do not send any original "one of a kind" materials, as your packages cannot be returned. I have a Diamond Series instrument that I cannot find on your website. It may be a Limited Edition or Special Edition model, or possibly a discontinued model.***PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ENDORSEMENT REQUESTS OR QUESTIONS TO OUR GENERAL EMAIL BOX. You can try searching the Vault section on our website for discontinued models. In most cases, the model name is stamped on the truss rod cover (just above the nut).

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Please submit a custom order form to your authorized Schecter dealer, or go to our Custom Shop Calculator to get an estimated price quote.

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