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It was occupied by the Dominican religious order until the 19th-century. The temple is part of a set of religious buildings as the Cloister of San Pedro Cláver and the archaeological museum. The body of Saint Peter Claver is located in its main altar.

Cartagena was founded on June 1, 1533 by the Spanish commander, Pedro de Heredia, in the former location of the indigenous Caribbean Calamarí village.

The city first was settled by 200 Spanish immigrants in 1533, and during the remainder of the 16th century there was rapid population growth.Archaeologists estimate that around 4000 BC, the formative culture was located near the boundary between the present-day departments of Bolívar and Sucre.In this area, archaeologists have found the most ancient ceramic objects of the Americas, dating from around 4000 BC.De Nicuesa and De Ojeda noted the existence of a big bay on the way from Santo Domingo to Urabá and the Panama isthmus, and that encouraged Bastidas to investigate.The historic center is surrounded by 11 kilometers of defensive walls.

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