You tube dating a mistress

"I really, truly did not mean to hurt anybody, and I wasn't thinking of anybody but myself. Hunter, who says she's been working on a children's book and documentary series, is preparing to date again.

Paula Okunzuwa is a Nigerian international UK-based model.

'Even knowing what I knew, I was not at that point to cut my losses.

I love my family, I worked for my family, my family was my support, my foundation.

'I woke up and everything was gone.'She also claimed Harvey blamed her for not landing a show with chat show queen Oprah Winfrey.'In Steve's opinion, I was responsible when Oprah did not give him a TV show,' she said. Realising her husband was cheating, she said: 'It kind of felt like I had been shattered to pieces.

The best-selling author of relationship advice book Straight Talk married his mistress Marjorie Bridges two years later.

In a remarkable display of public anger, she posted three films on the internet site where she talked in detail about being dumped by her husband.

Elizabeth left him as the scandal intensified, only to die months later from her years-long bout with cancer.

The shamed politician faced a trial in 2012 over alleged campaign finance law violations, but escaped jail because of a hung jury.

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